Injuries to professional athletes

As a rule, in big sports there are many injuries that can have a bad effect not only on the result of the championship, but also on the financial condition of the fans of the athlete who bet money on it on the official site of the pin up. 

Sports injuries are common in athletes and other people involved in sports. Some injuries that are traditionally considered sports injuries can also occur in those who do not play sports. Sports injuries always occur unexpectedly. They account for up to 5% of all reported cases. If an injury is serious, an athlete may be unable to participate in sports for a long period of time.

Major sports injuries

The severity of injury depends on the type of sport the athlete constantly engages in, his or her qualifications, and other factors. Amateurs get minor scratches, bruises. Professionals face serious injuries due to heavy loads. They are accompanied by a medical team in training.

Major sports injuries include:

– Damage to ankle ligaments;

– groin ligament injuries;

– damage to the posterior muscle ligaments;

– ligament injuries to the knee joint;

– Damage to ligaments, muscles of the lumbar spine and intervertebral discs;

– Damage to the rotator cuff of the shoulder joint.

A sports injury can occur at any time and in any athlete, but often, if you follow simple rules, it can be prevented.


* Every workout should begin with a warm-up. This is necessary not only to warm up muscles and stretch ligaments, but also to adjust the neuromuscular transmission and overall coordination. The more correct and coordinated the movements, the less likely you are to get injured.

* Until you have mastered the necessary motor skills, avoid serious exertion. This is especially true for people over 30 years of age who practice occasionally (and without an instructor).

* At the first sign of fatigue, you should stop training. Due to physical overexertion, neuromuscular control of movements (coordination) is disturbed – the probability of injury increases.

What to do if you are injured.


Rest is necessary to protect injured tissues (tendons, ligaments, muscles) from further damage. The required restriction of movement depends on the extent of the injury. It is important to stop training immediately and try to avoid putting stress on the injured segment. Further you should immobilize injured limb with a bandage – elastic (elastic bandage, tapes) or rigid (orthosis, splint of improvised materials). If the regime of immobilization is not observed, the regeneration of tissues does not occur – this can lead to chronic, poorly treatable inflammatory processes.


After an injury you should put an ice pack or any other cold object to the place of swelling (a layer of tissue should be placed between the skin and the cold material). Cold relieves pain and reduces swelling due to capillary spasm. The cold application should not last longer than 20-30 minutes. Then it should be removed so as not to cause cold burns to the skin. The cold source is not applied again until the skin temperature has recovered.


Compression is used to prevent and reduce swelling. Essentially, it reduces pain and fixes the injured area. The easiest and most affordable means of creating a compression bandage is considered an elastic bandage. If the bandage is uncomfortable and overstretches the soft tissues, it should be removed immediately and reapplied with less tension.

Lifting a limb

Lifting the limb above the level of the heart promotes the outflow of blood and lymph – this, in turn, reduces swelling. For example, if you hurt your ankle, it may be better to keep your foot elevated and remain in bed for a while.

See a doctor on time

If there is significant swelling and pain, the likelihood of serious injury is high, which means you need to see a specialist right away. With a minor injury, the pain and swelling should begin to diminish in a couple of days. If it doesn’t, you should make every effort to get to a doctor.

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