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Adriana Lima: The Queen Of Victoria’s Secret Dating Scene


If you’re a fashion fanatic or have ever flipped via the pages of a trend journal, likelihood is you’ve heard the name Adriana Lima. With her mesmerizing blue eyes, hanging features, and impeccable runway expertise, Adriana Lima has turn into a household title in the style industry. But what about her relationship life? Who has received the guts of this enchanting beauty? In this article, we are going to delve into the world of Adriana Lima’s courting history, revealing some shocking details in regards to the men who had the privilege of being by her aspect.

The Brazilian Goddess Steals Hearts

Hailing from Brazil, it is no marvel that Adriana Lima is commonly compared to a goddess. Her exotic beauty and charming persona have garnered the attention of many high-profile suitors through the years. Let’s take a extra in-depth have a glance at some of the notable males who’ve had the pleasure of dating this Brazilian bombshell.

1. Lenny Kravitz: A Musical Love Affair

It comes as no surprise that Adriana Lima and Lenny Kravitz’s relationship caused quite a stir after they first sparked romance rumors in 2001. Both recognized for their incredible talents, the duo appeared like a match made in heaven. However, regardless of the simple chemistry between them, their love story was short-lived.

2. Prince Wenzeslaus of Liechtenstein: Royalty Meets Beauty

In 2003, Adriana Lima’s dating life took a royal turn when she began a relationship with Prince Wenzeslaus of Liechtenstein. Being a member of the European royalty, Prince Wenzeslaus was, undoubtedly, a prestigious catch. Yet, just like her previous relationship, this fairy-tale romance came to an end after a brief period.

3. Marko Jarić: A Long-Lasting clover Love

Sometimes, within the midst of all of the glamour and fame, true love finds its way into our lives. This was definitely the case for Adriana Lima when she met Serbian basketball player Marko Jarić in 2006. Despite their totally different backgrounds, the couple’s love story blossomed, and in 2009 they tied the knot. Together, they welcomed two beautiful daughters into the world earlier than going their separate ways in 2016.

Why Do Men Fall For Adriana Lima?

Adriana Lima’s relationship historical past isn’t just a matter of public interest; it also raises the question of what makes her so irresistible to men. Let’s explore a variety of the reasons why men appear to fall head over heels for the captivating Brazilian beauty.

1. Outer Beauty: A Feast for the Eyes

Adriana Lima’s putting magnificence cannot be denied. With her flawless complexion, luscious lips, and hypnotizing gaze, she effortlessly captivates anybody who crosses her path. It is no surprise that males around the globe are drawn to her like moths to a flame.

2. Confidence: The Spark of Attraction

Confidence is undeniably a beautiful trait, and Adriana Lima exudes it in abundance. Whether she’s strutting down the runway or participating in philanthropic endeavors, her confidence shines by way of, making her all of the extra desirable.

3. Intelligence: Beauty with Brains

Beyond her gorgeous appearance, Adriana Lima possesses intelligence and an entrepreneurial spirit. She speaks four languages fluently and has efficiently ventured into enterprise outside of the style business. Her intelligence and drive add an extra layer of attract that many find irresistible.

The Secret to Adriana Lima’s Heart

Now that we’ve explored Adriana Lima’s courting historical past and the explanations men fall for her, let’s focus on what it takes to win the center of this worldwide magnificence.

1. Respect for Independence

Adriana Lima is a fiercely unbiased woman who values her private space and career. To win her heart, one must respect her independence and assist her ambitions.

2. Sense of Humor: Making Her Laugh

Laughter is the important thing to Adriana Lima’s coronary heart. A man who could make her laugh and convey joy to her life has a better probability of successful her affection.

3. Kindness and Compassion

Behind the glamorous facade, Adriana Lima has a heart of gold. Demonstrating kindness and compassion towards others is a top quality that will certainly resonate along with her.

4. Shared Values and Ambitions

Adriana Lima is not only a fairly face; she has targets and aspirations. Finding someone who shares her values and ambitions will create a deeper connection and strengthen the chances of a profitable relationship.


Adriana Lima’s relationship history is a captivating journey by way of the world of glamour, love, and heartbreak. From high-profile relationships to fairy-tale romances, it’s clear that males from all walks of life have been captivated by her beauty, confidence, and intelligence. While winning Adriana Lima’s heart is most likely not a simple process, those who possess the proper traits have an opportunity at turning into part of her extraordinary love story.


Who is Adriana Lima courting currently?

As of September 2021, it’s reported that Adriana Lima is dating somebody, but the details of her current partner aren’t publicly known.

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