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My Best Friend Is Treating Me Like Crap After She Started Dating


Have you ever felt like your finest good friend has suddenly was a very completely different person? As if they have been taken over by an alien drive or something? Well, I can tell you that I know precisely how that feels. My greatest pal, let’s call her Sarah, has been treating me like crap ever since she started courting. It’s been tough, however via this text, I hope to share my expertise and provide some insights on dealing with comparable situations. So, let’s dive in, shall we?

The Change

It all started when Sarah met John. At first, I was thrilled for her. After all, finding somebody special is a superb factor. But little did I know that this is able to also imply a giant change in our friendship. It appeared like in a single day, Sarah’s priorities shifted, and I not appeared to suit into her world.

Neglect and Ignorance

One of the most noticeable adjustments in our friendship was the best way Sarah began neglecting me. We used to be inseparable, spending countless hours chatting, laughing, and simply being there for one another. But now, she barely had any time for me. My calls went unanswered, my messages have been left on learn, and when we did handle to fulfill, she was continuously distracted by her phone, checking for messages from John.

It damage, and I couldn’t perceive why I suddenly didn’t matter anymore. Was our friendship not necessary sufficient to warrant her attention? It appeared like I was being changed by her new romantic interest.

The Feeling of Rejection

As the times turned into weeks, I could not shake click off the sensation of rejection. It was like a relentless punch to the gut, a reminder that I was no longer a precedence in Sarah’s life. I started questioning myself – was I not good enough? Did I do one thing wrong? But the reality is, it had nothing to do with me. Sarah was caught up within the pleasure of her new relationship, and unfortunately, I was collateral injury.

Understanding the Situation

While it harm to see my greatest pal drift away, I had to remind myself that this was not about me. Relationships usually change dynamics, and it’s normal for friends to take a backseat during this period. Sarah was merely going through a section the place she wished to focus on her new relationship, and it wasn’t a reflection of how she felt about our friendship.

Finding Support

As Sarah distanced herself, it turned crucial for me to search out help elsewhere. I leaned on other associates, family, and even joined new social activities to broaden my circle. Surrounding myself with individuals who cared about me helped fill the void that Sarah’s absence had created. It was also important to remind myself that friendships can evolve and change, and it’s okay to seek new connections when wanted.

Communicating My Feelings

While it was essential to understand and accept the state of affairs, that didn’t imply I had to undergo in silence. It became important for me to have an open and honest conversation with Sarah about how her habits was hurting me. I chose a peaceful and non-confrontational method to specific my emotions, emphasizing that I missed her and our friendship. Sometimes, individuals do not realize the impact of their actions until it’s dropped at their attention.

Friendship Takes Effort

Through our conversation, Sarah realized the toll her actions had taken on our friendship. She admitted that she had gotten caught up in the initial excitement of her new relationship and hadn’t realized she was neglecting our friendship. It was a wake-up name for both of us. We understood that relationships, both romantic and platonic, require effort and nurturing to find a way to thrive.

The Road to Recovery

After our heartfelt dialog, Sarah and I have been able to mend our friendship. We set boundaries and made an effort to make sure that we both felt valued and supported. It wasn’t an overnight course of, but with time and endurance, our friendship regained its strength. We reminded ourselves that relationships go through ups and downs, and what matters is the willingness to work via the challenges together.


Being treated poorly by your best good friend after they begin courting is often a heartbreaking experience. It’s important to remember that relationships, whether romantic or platonic, can change dynamics, and it isn’t necessarily a reflection of your value as a friend. Communicating your emotions, in search of assist from others, and being open to understanding and compromise are crucial for sustaining and nurturing each new and present relationships. Friendships can climate storms if each events are keen to put within the effort and prioritize one another. So, if you find yourself in an analogous scenario, take coronary heart and do not neglect that there’s always hope for therapeutic and rebuilding the bonds of friendship.


Q: Why may my greatest friend be treating me poorly after starting a new relationship?
When someone starts a new romantic relationship, their attention and priorities usually shift. They might turn into consumed with their new partner, causing them to neglect different relationships, including friendships. Their habits could not necessarily be intentional or reflective of their true emotions, however rather a result of their focus being redirected elsewhere. It is crucial to communicate your feelings honestly together with your friend and specific the influence of their actions on the friendship. ?

Q: How should I strategy my best pal about their changed behavior since starting a new relationship?
When addressing the problem, it is crucial to decide on the proper time and place to have an open and honest conversation with your pal. Use "I" statements to express how their habits has made you are feeling uncared for or harm, without attacking or accusing them. Allow them to explain their perspective and listen actively to grasp their new relationship dynamics. By expressing your concerns calmly and sustaining open communication, you improve the possibilities of resolving any misunderstandings and rebuilding the friendship. ?

Q: What steps can I take to salvage my friendship regardless of the adjustments caused by my good friend’s new relationship?
First, attempt to empathize with your good friend’s new state of affairs and perceive that modifications are common during this time. Find alternatives to spend high quality time together, but also permit house for his or her new relationship to blossom. Communicate your desire to maintain the friendship and talk about the way you both can navigate the modifications. Being understanding, affected person, and versatile will help in adapting to the evolving dynamics whereas reaffirming the importance of the friendship. ?

Q: What indicators ought to I look out for that indicate my friend’s habits is not just a product of their new relationship but a larger issue?
Consider whether your friend’s habits in the course of you has drastically changed, turning into persistently disrespectful, dismissive, or abusive. If they consistently prioritize their associate over your friendship with none valid cause, or if they present a scarcity of concern on your feelings and well-being, it might point out deeper points. Such behavior could counsel that they prioritize their new relationship to an unhealthy extent or that the friendship lacks the worth and respect it as soon as had. In such cases, it could be necessary to reevaluate the friendship and probably distance your self for your personal well-being. ?

Q: When is it acceptable to hunt assist from others regarding my good friend’s treatment?
If you’ve attempted open and honest communication with your friend multiple instances however their poor therapy continues, it could be applicable to reach out for help. Share your concerns and experiences with trusted pals, relations, or maybe a therapist who can present steering and insight. Seeking support can validate your feelings, supply different perspectives, and allow you to navigate the state of affairs extra effectively. Remember, having a robust assist system is crucial for maintaining emotional well-being during challenging instances. ?

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