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Respected orthopaedic surgeons with experience in hip preservation

Reinhold Ganz, MD

Bern, Switzerland

Jeffrey Mast, MD

Reno, Nevada

Marc J. Philippon, MD

Vail, Colorado

Michael Millis, MD

Boston, Massachusetts

Young Jo Kim, MD

Boston, Massachusetts

Daniel Sucato, MD

Dallas, Texas

Ira Zaltz, MD

Royal Oak, Michigan


Prasad Gourineni, MD
Chicago, Illinois
Hip Arthroscopy,
Hip Osteotomy, Trauma,
and Scoliosis



Welcome to HipPreservation.com

Although total hip replacement is very successful in pain relief, it cannot come close to the native hip function in active people. Hip arthroscopy and open surgical dislocation of the hip joint have provided opportunities for better understanding of hip disorders and for the development of biologic reconstruction options to decrease pain and prevent arthritis.

Hip impingement (1,2) and dysplasia (3) are better recognized as common causes of hip arthritis and early results of surgical correction of these conditions have been shown to prevent arthritis.(4) Femoral head contour can be restored and maintained with medical management in the early stages of avasular necrosis of the femoral head.

Hip Preservation focuses on biologic reconstruction of hip joint with arthroscopic and open procedures to restore optimal acetabular and femoral articular surfaces and their interaction. We have experience with acetabular labral repair, periacetabular and femoral osteotomies, bone contouring, chondroplasty, femoral head bone grafting, femoral head injections with bisphosphonates, neck lengthening, and biologic resurfacing techniques.


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