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Causes of Hip Pain - Hip Preservation
Hip Preservation
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Causes of Hip Pain

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    1.Good articular cartilage surface – osteochondral defects, foveal loading, loose bodies
    2. Stable femoral head – acetabular dysplasia, coxa valga, version changes, impingement induced             instability
    3.Impingement free-motion – coxa vara, breva, plana, magna, aspherical head, protrusio, retroversion,         overgrown GT, LT, AIIS
    4.Adequate motor control – coxa vara, breva, version problems, snapping over bone prominence,                 strains secondary to hip stiffness

Almost all the morphological variations are visible on plain x-rays. Clinical examination is often adequate to understand their role in causing pain. CT, MRI, and diagnostic injections can be used when necessary. Activity modification decreases mechanical pain. The goal of elective surgical treatment is to relieve pain and improve function by correcting the likely causes. Labral tears are secondary to dysplasia and impingement and are addressed as needed.

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