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Can You http://www.heimwerkertools.com/?disney-corporation-essay-organizational-behavior,Thesis paper help - Best Essay Ever The sports hernia has garnered a lot of attention recently. Many high profile athletes have been diagnosed with a sports hernia, and yet it’s hard to remember anyone having this diagnosis ten years ago. So what is a sports hernia?

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The pain from a sports hernia usually begins slowly, is one-sided, and increases gradually with continued activity. Sports that require frequent bending, twisting, and turning at speed – such as hockey, soccer, rugby, football, and field hockey – can lead to the problem. Patients will report pain in the lower abdomen and groin that is worsened with sudden twisting or turning. Many will even describe a tearing sensation.

Diagnosing a sports hernia is challenging, as it can often be difficult to distinguish from other causes of groin pain. X-rays and other imaging techniques are generally used to make the diagnosis.

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Treatment generally begins with rest. Continued activity makes it difficult for a sports hernia to heal, which is why so many in-season athletes seem to have the diagnosis for a long time. The length of rest can vary from a few weeks to a few months. Anti-inflammatory medication prescribed by a doctor can also be helpful during this time.

Surgery is used if rest and conservative treatment fail. There are several surgeries that are suggested for a sports hernia. Most rely on reinforcing the abdominal muscles, similar to the surgery for a conventional hernia. In addition, restoring balance of muscles across the pelvis can also be helpful; this is accomplished by releasing some of the muscles in the groin from where they attach to the pelvis.

Most of the procedures described for a sports hernia are reported to be at least 80% successful in returning athletes to sport. The fact that there are several different procedures described for treating a sports hernia further demonstrates the lack of consensus among doctors. Most doctors would agree, however, that surgery should be considered a last resort.

Dr. Prasad Gourineni believes that Sports hernia / Athletic pubalgia is secondary to hip impingement and treatment of hip impingement should be done first and hernia repair should be offered for persistent pain after hip correction.

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